Hi, We Are Kreaby!

Nice to meet you :)

The Artists

Kreaby is a creative studio for autistic artists based in Jakarta.We specialize in digital illustration, art merchandise, and corporate gifts. Since 2020, we are committed to empowering these artists through various initiatives such as artistic development programs, collaborations with likeminded organizations, and a supportive environment where artists can bring their vision to life.Our goal is to create a more inclusive community that celebrates diversity. Each of the artists' artwork portrays a unique perspective of life, and through their art, we invite you to a world full of imagination, beyond boundaries.

We Are Beyond Boundaries

Our Range of ServicesFrom stunning art merchandise that adds a touch of beauty to your life, to digital illustrations that tell stories in pixels, and exclusive corporate gifts that make a lasting impression, we've got it all.Embrace the magic of our services and let us craft your dreams into reality. Explore our world and experience the essence of artistry, one masterpiece at a time.

Collab with us!

Are you ready to take your ideas to new heights?We believe in the power of collaboration, where creativity knows no bounds. Partner with us to create, innovate, and transform the future. Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, or a visionary looking for like-minded individuals, our collaborative platform is the place to be. Together, we can weave the threads of creativity into a masterpiece.

More than just art

At Kreaby, we understand that artists' brilliance goes hand in hand with personal growth.Our Artists' Activities go beyond the studio to build character, ignite creativity, and heighten sensory perception. Through activities like museum tours, interactive art projects, and thought-provoking discussions, we catalyze innovation in their work, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and fostering a vibrant community of forward-thinking artists.

Kreaby Team

Meet the Kreaby Team, the backbone of our creative journey!We're a dynamic group of go-getters, dream-weavers, and innovation champions. With an empowering spirit, we turn every challenge into an adventure, sprinkling a dash of fun and a whole lot of creativity. Together, we're redefining the rules, painting our canvas with colorful ideas, and turning dreams into reality.Welcome to our vibrant world!